Tuesday, November 2, 2010

two posts in one day?! unheard of!

So, remember the pile of cut, upcycled denim jeans I showed you a few days ago? Well, I decided to start working with them.  I wanted to do a traditional triangle pattern (actually, I just wanted to try out one of the methods I learned to do triangles with), so I started sewing.  And then I quickly stopped.  I forgot how hard it is to work with denim.  It is thick and the resulting seams are really bulky... My little machine is just not geared to handle it (or maybe it just needed to be oiled).  Instead of some thing large and grand, I ended up with something small. I ended up with a pillow because I had extra fiberfil laying around.

The front in the pattern I wanted for the denim quilt.  

I needed a back, so I just sewed 4 pieces of the squares together

Now, I need to reorganize and redesign a project that will use up the rest of the denim squares that won't end up with bulky seams.  Any ideas?

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