Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt festival, cont'

So, I have been meandering around the festival for about 2 hrs now. Spent the time split between the exhibitions and the booths. Since this is my first time, I didn't have any specific vendors I wanted to visit. However I did find and excellent array of fabrics being sold and some excellent tools. I think I'm about to call it a day. This event is huge and I think I walked most of the isles, but there is no telling! I took some pictures of some very pretty and inspiring quilts at the exihibition portion that I will upload when I get home. It's a shame that the prettiest ones have a "no photography" restriction. Also, my camera ran out of power before I got a chance to finish looking at the quilts. :(

My final thoughts and pictures should be posted in a few hours.

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