Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Update

So "fall" is finally here. Kind of. We stopped having temps over 90's and the air is finally semi dry.  In anticipation of a southern Texas winter (read: two weeks of cold weather that truly justify wearing a heavy pea coat and about 2 month of weather where I'm wearing a tank top under the pea coat with a thin skirt and boots just so I can get some utility out of my winter clothing), I have started to make some scarves.

As my friends know, I have A LOT of yarn.  Most of them are from unraveling sweaters from thrift stores.  I had full plans to sell them on Etsy, however that didn't pan out. So now, I have 3-4 large boxes of yarn of various material.  I have some lovely gray wool yarn, blueish/greenish angora blend yarn, and many different colored cotton yarn.  The fact that I can't find most of my scarves and wraps because of the packing, unpacking, repacking, and storage, I have a legit reason to make some new scarves!!!! and possibly hats as well. Yay for me! The fact that I have about a month or so before scarves weather hit, I have plenty of time to restock my scarf storage.

First on the list is a ruffle scarf that I've made for a friend a while back, but with a twist.  Instead of a single layer of ruffles, I'm making a double layer with two colors. It should be fun! I'll post the pics and pattern soon.

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