Thursday, September 2, 2010

What did I do today?

... a whole lot of nothing. I had the full intention of finishing up this brown and blue quilt top, but my friend called me up for lunch at this yummy tapas place.  How can I turn that down?! So i mopped around the house until it's time to leave. The gardening itch is starting again, so I ran to my local gardening center before the lunch date to get the supplies.  I've always been a big fan of container gardening because I've always lived in apartments with no where to plant my veggies.  Today, I picked up some jalapeƱo and tomato plants, and some herb and lettuce seeds.  As you can see, all my selection are edible.  I prefer to be able to use/eat all my creations. I mean don't get wrong, I <3 flowers, but they've just never tickled my gardening fancy.  I would show you what I planted, but they're not looking very pretty, yet.  It'll just be a pot with some soil. You can't even see the seeds. Soooooo, instead I shall showcase the third member of the Bunny family instead.

This is maggie at the beach. 

This is maggie waiting for a handout

Lastly, this is maggie waiting for her toy at the beach
She looks funny in pictures, but she's a sweetie in person. Also, to our dismay, she answers to the name "aggie".  You see Mr. Bunny and I are both University of Texas grads. And UT has a (friendly-ish) rivalry with Texas A&M (a.k.a. the Aggies). Thus, you see our disappointment in our dog... 

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