Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and the back is done too!!!!

When I started this project, I intended the back of the quilt to be a solid color.  However, after making the quilt top, I ended up with a pile of scraps that were too big to toss, but too small to be used in anything else.  Then I came across this post by Elizabeth of Oh Fransson! on Sew Mama Sew about how to piece together small squares.  I think that I may be too lazy to become a truly good crafter, thus this post spoke to me.  So I modified this slightly to create the backing to the quilt. In the tut, she used interfacing to arrange and secure all the small pieces and then sewed a 1/4 in seam and pressed it open. It's pretty simple and *very* convenient way to arrange pieces that are about 1 1/2 to 2 in wide fabric. So I followed the directions and came up with this.

I had the full intention of scrap piece stretching the width of the backing, but I made a calculation mistake. I forgot to take the seams into consideration, and ended up with a piece that falls way short of the width.  instead of correcting it with another piece of the same thing, I decided to go with a lazy way out. I just attached more of the backing material to the sides to make it the right width.  So now I'm making the quilt sandwich and should complete the darn thing soon. 

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